Season 4 Spoilers: About those Black Forest keys…

Apparently, the Black Forest is more than just a really good kind of ham; it is also a long-nagging plot point when it comes to “Grimm” that many have questioned for quite a long time. So when will these questions eventually become answers? This is something that we are apparently going to get some answers to … eventually.

Now that Nick has another key and is starting to piece the map together, is it possible that all will be revealed with this next season? Well, you know that there are still many more keys to be collected, so let’s not rush into things here. Speaking to TVLine, executive producer David Greenwalt had the following to say:

“We can look forward to a third key, and we know the royals have four, and Nick and his cohorts have three, and in Year 5 — we promise –we will put all this together and find out what the hell they lead to.”

What we are personally interested in seeing more is how Nick is going to unravel the “infidelity,” which is really something that he didn’t have control over. This is one of two crazy twists that came through the finale, with the other one being where Nick is now when it comes to his powers … and we really applaud the show for this one. As many series go along, they traditionally feel this sort of temptation to push the envelope, and have things become as crazy as humanly possible … even if that is often the last thing that you need. The fact that the show opted to go in the completely opposite direction is commendable, and it forces us to look deeper at the Nick character and his humanity.

What do you want to see on “Grimm” next season?


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