Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Is NBC Planning A Spinoff Series With Monroe And Rosalee After Final Season?

The end is near for the supernatural TV series “Grimm”. NBC has officially announced that “Grimm” Season 6 will be the show’s final season with only 13 episodes. However, hope springs anew for fans. Is there any possibility that the network will develop a spinoff series starring the show’s beloved Wesen couple Monroe and Rosalee after “Grimm” Season 6?

Fans were undoubtedly disappointed when “Grimm” Season 6 was announced to only have 13 episodes back in April. After all, the NBC series boasts of 22 episodes per season, right? Unfortunately, fears were confirmed last Monday: “Grimm” will be cancelled by next year. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t hope for a spinoff series starring Monroe and Rosalee and their bouncing baby Wesen.

The adorably quirky couple have won fans over since they met back in the second season. In “Grimm” Season 6, Monroe and Rosalee will be expecting their first Wesen baby. The revelation, which was announced in the Season 5 finale, immediately had fans looking forward to how the couple will deal with the Blutbad/Fuchsbau hybrid.

Some believe that the interest in Monroe, Rosalee and their baby could push NBC to develop a “Grimm” spinoff series featuring the Wesen family. It would also be an excellent way to keep the show going with its most interesting characters.

Deadline confirms that there are several changes made on the show’s final season. The “Grimm” Season 6 air date will be on January 6, a major change from its usual fall premiere. The series will also broadcast one hour earlier than its original 9pm time slot.


3 comments on “Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Is NBC Planning A Spinoff Series With Monroe And Rosalee After Final Season?”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m not overly happy that Grimm is coming to an end, but at least it won’t be a complete finish. Hopefully that Nick and friends will still be making the odd appearance from time to time.

  2. Steve Peterson says:

    Our petition to Netflix to pick up “Grimm” is over 5,800! We still need as many fans as possible to show their support by SIGNING and SHARING the petition! If you don’t want to sign, please at least share the petition with as many friends of Grimm as you can. We need to really show Netflix how committed we are to the Scooby Gang & Grimm! Rebekka Hay will hopefully issue an official update soon. In the meantime, please SIGN & SHARE!
    As Grandma said, “Never put all your eggs in one basket!” Just in case Netflix still won’t bite, let’s also ask TNT, the network that already carries seasons 1 – 4 of Grimm, to pick it up. One problem people had with Netflix was the cost; that wouldn’t be an issue here. Sign and share both petitions! Save Grimm any way we can. If we do, we’re part of TV history, if not, we’ll go down fighting! We’re over 650, trying to get to 1,000.
    There’s also this petition going around with over 8,000 signatures asking NBC to reconsider, and TNT to pick it up if NBC doesn’t.

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