Season Finale Spoilers

Uh, oh. Sounds like Grimm may be getting grimmer. In a conference call with reporters this morning, David Giuntoli, who plays Portland homicide detective and Wesen-spotter Nick Burkhardt, said one of the cast members “may not live through the finale” of Season 2.

Now, he could just mean someone incurs a terrible injury. Then again, someone may be leaving permanently.

Who could it be? Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch)? Hank (Russell Hornsby)? Or maybe somebody not so central to the show, like, say, Adalind (Claire Coffee)? Or maybe Nick’s ever-elusive mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)?

Giuntoli didn’t give much away — thank goodness. Who wants to spoil the surprise? But he did say that Nick and Juliette could be patching things up. “You could definitely see a Nick and Juliette reunion,” he says. But Grimm writers “love tearing people apart and bringing them back together,” so who knows how that might end up.

And trouble is coming, with a “Level 10 Wesen” who arrives in Portland and is controlling a lot of other types of Wesen — undead Wesen. “Zombies are entering Portland,” as Giuntoli says.

As for Adalind, who’s carrying a baby with Royal blood whose daddy may be either Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) or his half-brother (James Frain), Giuntoli says we’ll be seeing more of her, too: “The Adalind story is insane.”

And Hank? The sudden vacation he took as of Friday’s episode was, as we figured, inspired by Hornsby’s offscreen injury. “That scene was written in reaction to Russell in real life snapping his Achilles tendon.” Hank will be gone for two episodes, “then he’ll come back,” Giuntoli said.

As for two news items about Grimm — the show is moving from Fridays to Tuesdays (at 10 p.m.) beginning April 30, and NBC has renewed it for Season 3 — Giuntoli said, “I think it’s all very exciting,” and that NBC is showing faith in Grimm by moving it to Tuesday night, where it will follow NBC’s ratings champ, The Voice.

Giuntoli was calling from Los Angeles — “seated underneath a lemon tree” — but he said the Grimm cast and crew should be back in Portland this summer to begin work on Season 3, probably in mid-July, “just after the best part of the year.”


Don’t forget to tune in to Grimm tonight at it’s new time, 10/9c


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