Season Finale Spoilers

As Season 2 comes to a close, Nick’s uneasy alliance with Capt. Renard won’t get any simpler. Co-creator and executive producer David Greenwalt sums it up like this: “Your friends become your enemies and the enemy of your enemy is your friend… I mean, Renard did try to kill his aunt.” Speaking of things the royal bastard has done, pregnant Adalind has a “pretty frightening and scary story arc” involving the gypsy Stefania, but the stork won’t arrive (pending the series’ renewal) until well into Season 3. In other otherworldly news, prepare yourself for a new kind of almost-Wesen, crop circles, mutilated cattle and Nick’s new love interest (!). And if that’s not enough, “We tell you why Van Gogh cut off his ear,” co-creator and executive producer James Kouf adds.

A new mystical creature, Baron Samedi from Haitian lore, will be around for the season’s last episode — as will all of Juliette’s lost memories! “She gets everything back, and more,” Kouf previews, with Greenwalt adding, “It’s not like she has a super power or anything… She kind of wants to make up with Nick, but then there are other problems that occur, and her life is actually threatened in the later episodes.” The EPs also confirm that the veterinarian’s infatuation with Nick’s boss has been put to sleep. “They are done with each other,” says Kouf.



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