Season 1 Quotes

1×01 Pilot

Monroe: Come on let’s have a brew. And, by the way, you’re paying for that window.

Hank: Why can’t you look at her ass like the rest of us?

Nick: Don’t you need silver bullets?
Monroe: What are you an idiot?

Nick: Did you really smell him?
Monroe: Dude, you have no idea!

Eddy: How long have you been at this? You seem kinda new.

1×02 Bears Will be Bears

Juliette: I got Voodoo Doughnuts
Nick: Ah, you’re the best!
Juliette: Don’t be such a cop the doughnuts are for dessert!

Monroe: What am I? Your personal Grimm-apedia?

Monroe: Oh right, her again, Aunt Marie, right? Yeah, I couldn’t sleep the last two nights thinking old Aunt Marie was gonna cut off my head and stick it on a lamppost…That’s how my great Grandma ended up you know.

Monroe: [Pulls a man’s arm out of its socket] Okay that went a little too far.

1×03 Beeware

Hank: Harper’s Beeman just buzzed me. Yeah, I just went there.

Monroe: Whoa there 5-0. Don’t you have a partner for this?

Nick: I don’t need you for what you know. I need your nose.

Monroe: Don’t you dare say heel.

Monroe: Well, I sniffed her out.
Nick: Good boy.

Wu: Oscar worthy performance De Niro.
Nick: Middle School Drama Club.

1×04 Lonelyhearts

Monroe: Really?
Nick: Look if I had anybody else I could talk to about this stuff I’d go there.
Monroe: I feel like I should complain.

Juliette: Well, how do you know you’re not being stupid by being with me?
Nick: I don’t, I just, I think there’s a lot more to it than that.

Monroe: Hello?
Nick: Hey, it’s Nick.
Monroe: How did you get my new cell phone?!
Nick: Are you kidding me? I’m a cop.

Monroe: Okay, who am I supposed to be?
Nick: Just yourself.
Monroe: That’s a little disappointing.

Nick: What are you doing?
Monroe: No way, dude I can’t be around that guy he’s way too potent. I almost bought him a drink.

1×05 Danse Macabre

Hank: Pretty excited about being let go.
Nick: Oh yeah, I had to stop him from yodeling.

Renard: Rats dine on beloved teacher.
Nick: That’s a little cold.
Hank: Guess who came to dinner.

Hank: I haven’t had that much fun since that drunk threw up on me at the Christmas Party.
Nick: Wasn’t that Sergeant Wu?

Monroe: Last time I protected someone for you, it was not a pleasant experience. How is that guy, by the way, were they able to sew his arm back on?
Nick: Uhm, I don’t think he’s going to be beating anybody up with it again.

Wu: I guess they’re gonna have to face the music.
Hank: Really? You went there?
Wu: Somebody had to.

1×06 The Three Bad Wolves

Monroe: My aim is to keep the toilet clean.
Hap: Cool.
Monroe: Your aim will help.

Monroe: We don’t kill our own.

Nick: A rabbit?
Monroe: I, uh, relapsed.
Nick: Maybe she is not the right girl for you.

Orson: Our families have never been enemies. You should know that. Let’s not change it now.

Nick: Monroe, it’s Nick, open up!
Monroe: Maybe I should get you your own key.

Orson: This isn’t between you and me.
Monroe: Then what’s with the shotgun?

1×07 Let Your Hair Down

Hank: There’s a chick magnet if I ever saw one.

Nick: Wait a minute, you’re telling me that Santa Claus is…
Monroe: Well, think about it. I mean who else could live up there?

Nick: I’m going back out there, and I want you to come with me.
Monroe: How did I know you were gonna say that?
Nick: Monroe, if she is something like you I cannot risk someone else’s life taking them out there.
Monroe: Apparently you’re willing to risk mine.

1×09 Of Mouse and Man

Hank: Love’s a funny thing.
Nick: You must be laughing all the time.

Monroe: That is a recipe for dessert.

Wu: Actually, that was a paraphrase, I left out the bad language because I couldn’t write that fast.

1×10 Organ Grinder

Nick: So what’s your favorite color?
Monroe: Red.
Nick: I feel so much closer to you now.

Renard: No matter how you look at it, it’s cannibalism.
Wu: Uh, I think it’s called capitalism.

Nick: I’m not asking you as a cop, so don’t expect me to behave like one.

1×14 Plumed Serpent

Monroe: Hey, Nick, what are you doing here? Not exactly the last place I’d expect to see ya, but pretty darn close.

1×15 Island of Dreams

Monroe: His whole face looks like a volcano that’s about to explode.

Monroe: What up bro.

Monroe: I’m glad you know how to clock a dude with a brick.

1×16 The Thing With Feathers

Juliette: This is where we’re staying?
Nick: No.
Juliette: Good, then why are we here?
Nick: Oh, this is where I stop to ask where we’re staying.

Monroe: Hey Nick, I thought a vacation for you meant a vacation for me.

Nick: That’s weird.
Juliette: Glad you said it first.

1×17 Love Sick

Adalind: Did it ever occur to you that this is exactly what it looks like?
Nick: No. Never. You’re a liar.

Nick: Wu, you just ate your chapstick.

Monroe: Was that supposed to happen?
Rosalee: I hope so.

Rosalee: He didn’t have sex with her.
Monroe: Oh man that always complicates things.

Nick: Adalind, I think it’s time to settle our differences, violently.

1×19 Leave it to Beavers

Nick: I told you to meet me, not eat me!

Monroe: Okay, okay, so technically we would have to bend the truth about some things.
Nick: Some things? Monroe, name one aspect of our relationship that we wouldn’t have to lie about.

Nick: I’m a Grimm. I’m also a cop.

Monroe: Oh my God, dude, you took out two reapers.

Nick: I think I need to send ’em a message.
Monroe: I think you do too, and you know what? When it comes to sending these guys messages two heads are better than one.

1×20 Happily Ever Aftermath

Monroe: Am I too late? Oh no, I can’t be too late you’re still alive. That’s a good thing.

1×21 Big Feet

Wu: It’s obvious. It was committed by a barefooted many carrying a wolf.

Nick: Those dogs are gonna lead them straight to your house.
Monroe: No, they’re not. That’s why I mark my territory. You can see it’s totally freakin’ them out.

Nick: We all have secrets Doctor, now let’s talk about Larry’s.

Nick: Right now I’m not asking you as a Detective.