Season 2 Quotes

2×01 Bad Teeth

Monroe: Who the hell is this bitch?
Nick: She’s my mother.

Monroe: Dude, I gotta be honest your mother scares the crap outta me.

Renard: Because she ties him here to Portland, to me, and if she dies he could quit the force, he could leave, and I have put too much time and effort into him to allow that to happen

Mama Burkhardt: I’m sorry.
Nick: For what?
Mama Burkhardt: A lot of things on that list.

2×02 The Kiss

Monroe: I mean he has to be on his way what else could he be doing?

Mama Burkhardt: I’m his mother. If you have a problem with my son you’ll have to deal with me.

Monroe: Cheapskate doesn’t realize how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
Rosalee: That’s so sweet, maybe later.

Monroe: It feels like it was just yesterday I was crashing through my window to introduce myself to him.

2×06 Over My Dead Body

Juliette: You know I may never remember who you were, but I’d like to get to know who you are.

Nick: When did this guy hire you?
Angelina: Tonight.
Nick: How did he find you?
Angelina: Well, I killed the guy that he hired to kill Monroe then he gave the job to me.
Nick: You killed someone else tonight?
Angelina: Yeah he tried to rape me so he didn’t leave me much of a choice.

Monroe: Well, here’s looking at you kids. [Continues speaking in German].
Angelina: What does that mean?
Rosalee: Hopefully not for the last time.

Nick: Hank, whatever goes down out here tonight…
Hank: Yeah, I know, off the books.

2×09 La Llorona

Hank: How do you sleep at night?
Nick: Because you have my back.
Hank: Yeah, but who’s got mine?

2×10 The Hour of Death

Hank: Just because he’s a Wesen doesn’t mean he’s guilty, right? He could have run from you because he knew you were a Grimm.

Juliette: I feel so bad saying this, but he’s a complete stranger to me, and I’m now to him. And he knows everything about me, and I’m just starting over with you–him.

Wu: Next time we hire an intern I’m going to suggest they do a better psych evaluation.

2×12 Season of the Hexenbiest

Monroe: I know, it looks like resuscitation at best.

Adalind: No, my baking days are over.

Renard: So, you’ve seen my brother Eric?
Adalind: All of him.
Renard: Not much of an achievement really.

Juliette: I’m really getting sick of being left in the dark all the time.
Monroe: The dark does have its bright side.

Monroe: I think the time for being careful is over Nick.

2×13 Face Off

Monroe: Oh that quadruple homicide.
Nick: Yeah.
Monroe: Well, at least you know who did it.

Monroe: Nick, hold on. This is one of those “pause, take a deep breath” situations where you can’t be going off half, full, or any other degree of cocked.

Monroe: Nick, Rosalee is coming home tomorrow. She thinks the captain is the one who woke Juliette up, okay? That means he’s the one who saved her life.
Nick: How would she know that?
Monroe: Because it explains their behavior. Their obsessive-compulsion sexual attraction to each other. I didn’t mean to say that last part out loud.

Adalind: I could scream.
Renard: Or you could die. That’s the kind of mood I’m in.

Nick: Does anything not end in death?
Monroe & Rosalee: No, not really.

2×14 Natural Born Wesen

Renard: You need to understand your place in all this. If you and I could overcome our differences, we will make history.
Nick: And if we can’t?
Renard: Then history will bury us.

2×15 Mr. Sandman

Frau Pech: And I sense something else.
Adalind: I’m pregnant.
Frau Pech: Oh yeah? Who’s the unlucky man?

Monroe: So how are we supposed to pull out one of this guy’s eyes?
Rosalee: With a spoon.
Monroe: Oh, that’s gotta be uncomfortable.

2×17 One Angry Fuchsbau

Monroe: Oh, I get it, so if I’m crazy no big deal.
Nick: Hey, we can’t both be crazy.

2×18 Ring of Fire

Nick: What’s the not normal part?
Wu: Everything else.

Monroe: Now we know where bull-headed comes from.

Monroe: Keeping Portland weird.

2×19 Endangered

Wu: Nobody was probed…yet.

Monroe: When it comes to you and Nick I’m certainly privy to more than most.

Monroe: Don’t you need a warrant for that?
Nick: You’re right, you open it.
Monroe: Oh, okay.

2×21 The Waking Dead

Wu: It’s getting too weird even for Portland.

2×22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Rosalee: Juliette?
Juliette: Learning curve.
Rosalee: Works for me.

Ending: Oh Come On, You Knew This Was Coming