Silas Weir Mitchell on HuffPost Live!

Tomorrow (May 21) Silas Weir Mitchell will be doing a segment for HuffPost Live at 5pm/4pm central!

The staff here at have been asked to join in! I haven’t heard back yet if we’ll be able to ask questions or if we’ll just be able to sit in on the conversation, but in case we can ask something, give us some questions! We’d love to be able to ask some questions from other Grimm fans, so if you have a question for Silas (Monroe), please leave a comment on this post with your question, and hopefully we’ll be able to get them to him! 🙂

EDIT: We will have the chance to ask Silas questions, so send them to us! The times are actually 5pm pacific, so central time it’ll be at 7pm and eastern time it’ll be 8pm. Damn timezones!


4 comments on “Silas Weir Mitchell on HuffPost Live!”

  1. Ayesha Munshi says:

    Dude your my favourite character in grimm!!! Well just wanted to ask you on how you’ve been finding your relationship with Rosalie and do you think that her being your love interest will last for seasons to come?

  2. Faith says:

    Hi Ayesha,

    I work for HuffPost Live and we would love to have you on the show as well if you’re interested. Please let me know if you are and I will give you my contact information.


  3. Nicole says:

    Hope I’m not too late! Just wanted to ask if you’ve seen the comic book, and how you feel about it. If you have seen it, what do you think of the artists interpretation of you as Monroe.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi Silas,

    I love your portrayal of Monroe. He is my favorite character. Your line delivery and facial expressions are spot on! Do you ever get a chance to improvise in any of your scenes?

    Would love to see Monroe’s family in Season 3.

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