Submit Your Own Gif to Be Featured On Our Site!

Hello fellow Grimmsters!!!

In celebration of the new season, we are now adding a “Featured Gif” on our website, rotating to a new one each month! The best part is, you can submit your own Gifs to be featured! I will keep all submission and add them each month to the sidebar, in the order I receive them. If I get a bunch of submissions, we can change them each week to coincide with each new episode!

If you’re interested in submitting your own Gifs to be featured on the site, please email me with the subject “Featured Gif Submission” and attach your submission(s), and how you’d like to be credited. You are allowed to submit more than one gif, all I ask is that the width of the gifs be no larger than 300px. Otherwise they won’t fit in our sidebar! They can be any height, but try to be reasonable 😛

I can’t wait to see what you guys submit!!


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