The Cast Misses Portland!

Season two of NBC’s “Grimm” is winding down, with only two new episodes left before the show takes a summer break.

But the cast and crew are already on break.

The show wrapped up production in mid-April and most of the actors headed south to Hollywood. Despite all the glitz and glamour of living in Southern California, some of the stars say they already miss being in Portland.

“I just miss the smell of the air,” said actor Silas Weir Mitchell. “Honestly the air is sweet up there.”

Weir Mitchell and fellow actor David Giuntoli are back in Los Angeles for a nearly-three-month production hiatus.

“We’ve been drinking bad coffee and getting stuck in traffic,” Giuntoli said.

He added that breathing smog has become part of his daily routine, and that it’s something most Portlanders wouldn’t know about.

When asked how they’re spending their time off – both men said, “looking for a good cup of coffee.”

Giuntoli revealed that he is seriously thinking of buying a place here in the Rose City, and hoping for a deep discount.

So does this mean that Giuntoli is looking to settle down here in Portland? Maybe with someone special? The star avoided an answer, like a Wesen avoids a Grimm.

“I can’t speak to that right now,” Giuntoli said with a smirk. “That will be revealed in Season 3.”

The only love affair the star would talk about is between him and Portland. Giuntoli said his quality of life is pretty good here.

“I like being able to walk out of my building and having restaurants right there, people walking around.” He also loves the dog friendly environment here. “My building is like ‘Best in Show’ – it’s like the Ark.”

The cast and crew will be back in Portland in July with plans to start shooting Season 3 of “Grimm.”

The show has a new night and time, Tuesdays at 10 p.m.



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