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  • Behind the Scenes
    Take a look behind the scenes of the show, episodes, stunts, and more!
  • Bloopers
    Gag reels from each season.
  • Bluray Special Features
    Special features taken directly from bluray disc of each season that don’t fit in any other category.
  • Clips
    Short clips from different episodes.
  • Comic Con
    Comic-Con interviews and panel discussions.
  • Deleted Scenes
    Scenes that didn’t make the final cut of the tv episodes. Taken directly from bluray discs from each season.
  • Episode Promos
    Those short previews you see every week teasing the next episode of Grimm!
  • Interviews
    Collection of a variety of different interviews from cast members from different talk shows, events, and behind-the-scenes.
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  • Talk Shows
    Interviews of cast members from a variety of different talk shows and events.
  • Webisodes
    Short webisodes (web-episodes) released by NBC featuring our favorite characters!