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4×02 – Octopus Head Episode Captures Added

Episodes stills from the second episode of season 4 have been added to the gallery!

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In celebration of the season 4 premiere of Grimm next week, we have put up new themes here at the main site and the gallery! I hope everyone likes it as much as I do :) Beautiful promos we have this season!

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‘Grimm’ Season 4 Promo Video Teases Fans: Captain Renard Lives After Being Shot?

The new promotional photos for the upcoming fourth season of NBC’s ‘Grimm’ are leaving fans wanting more.

NBC recently released the set of teasers ahead of the premiere of the new installment, which is set to air on Oct. 24. In one of the photos, a fancily-dressed Juliette Silverton, girlfriend of lead character Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli, can be seen staring at the floor with a startled expression. Another photo showed Silverton talking to Trubel, a drifter who possesses a Grimm’s characteristics.

Meanwhile, new faces are also set to join the cast of the NBC hit show.

Actess Toni Trucks, who starred in ‘Franklin & Bash’, will play Deputy Janelle Farris in the upcoming season of ‘Grimm’. Farris is described as a tough sheriff who sought help from Burkhardt in connection with a highway crime investigation.

Another new addition to the ‘Grimm’ family is actor Erick Avari. Avari, who previously starred in ‘The Mentalist’, will play a salvage-yard owner, whose business will catch the attention of Nick because it might be connected to the series of highway disappearances.

Aside from the new faces, four new types of Wesen will surprise the audience in the upcoming season. Wesens are creatures whose true appearances are only seen by Grimms. The new creatures are speculated to bring chaos to Portland, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Among these creatures is a part-man and part-octopus Wesen, which, according to the entertainment website, uses its tentacles to suck memories from its victim’s head.

Season 4 will pick up the cliffhanger from the previous season. In the last episode, viewers saw Nick still trying to keep his secret from Adalind Schade, played by Claire Coffee, even after a romantic interlude. Fans will also see whether Captain Renard lives after being shot by an FBI agent.

‘Grimm Season 4 will kick off with the first episode entitled, “Thanks to the Memories,” which will be aired on NBC at 9 pm

4×01 – Thanks For the Memories Episodes Stills Added

I’ve added high quality episode stills from the season 4 premiere episode of Grimm, as well as replaced the medium quality promotional images with high quality! I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful photos! We’ll also be putting up a new layout, hopefully before the premiere, and our video archive will be opening soon!!

Grimm Season 4, Release Date, Cast, News, Spoilers and More: New Monsters to be unveiled on Season 4

NBC fans of the supernatural show, ‘Grimm’ are counting down the days until October 24 hits and they can finally get to watch their favorite series again. Grimm Season 4 is said to pick up where it left off on the show’s third season with Nick losing his Wesen-spotting power. Many were speculating that this would mean that he would be relying on Trubel to serve as his ‘seeing-eye Grimm’.

Keep on reading to know more and for other Grimm Season 4 news and spoilers.

So what are we to expect on Grimm Season 4 Episode One? According to IBTimes, there will be a new sheriff in Portland City, Deputy Janelle Farris. The role of the county lawwoman is to be played by Toni Trucks. The character will be asking for the help of our two lead stars Nick and Hack to solve a highway crime scene. Another character to look forward to is a salvage-yard owner whose business attracts Nick’s attention of a string of highway disappearances to be played by Erick Avari.

Aside from new characters to add more spice to the series, expect to encounter new Wesen as well such as a part-man part octopus with four tentacles that burrow into its victim’s head (Gedachtnis Esser), a bull-like Wesen that transform into rage when provoked (Heftigauroch), a Wesen made of clay and is created to protect the meek but very difficult to control (Golem).

You may learn about the mentioned monsters and many more that will be part of the next season of Grimm when you visit the show’s official website. You will also be able to find Grimm Episode Guide there so that you can catch up with what had happened so far in the show.

More Grimm Season 4 News coming your way, so stay tuned.

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